Nie tylko moderzy od Gothica…

Nie tylko moderzy od Gothica mają profesjonalnych aktorów ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

Nowa wersja Clan Quest Moda też takich ma. Jeden z nich wcielił się w postać Andrei i wyszło to całkiem nieźle. Przypominam – ta wersja będzie miała możliwość przyłączenia się do Sabbatu, stąd nagranie dodatkowych linii dialogowych dla przywódcy tej organizacji w LA było nieuniknione.

Oto co autor moda podał niedawno:

Vampires normally joined into the Sabbat undergo savage initiation rites and hazing. Some are carefully selected, undergoing weeks, months or years of mysterious harassment from their would-be sire before being turned and forced through Creation Rites – a unique and personalized ritual of transformation, virtually always entailing immense pain and humiliation.

Those are the lucky ones. Other vampires, created through the mass embrace are wretched souls that have been abducted, turned, buried alive and given only enough vitae to frenzy and, with enough grit, find the strength to claw their way out of the earth. Those that make it are driven mad and made to fight for the Sabbat. Only after surviving all that, might they have the privilege of living among Caine’s children.

How then will the player, already embraced into the Camarilla, join the Sabbat’s ranks? This new preview clip demonstrates Andrei’s challenge to our defiant protagonist.

Many thanks to Peter Coleman for providing his voice to bring Andrei back from torpor! For more news and updates, or to watch my Let’s Play series, follow me on YouTube and Twitter.


E: również ważna wiadomość, autor współpracuje już z ludźmi od modeli postaci, a tutaj były największe braki:

Mainly, it’s just me. I have two 3d artists / modelers helping on a regular basis now, and a few other random people that have helped with various tasks.

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